Key Topics

We’re returning stateside to the biggest sports broadcast market in the world with our most packed line-up to date. The 2022 summit will continue to look at Strategy, Content, and Technology, while also adding the themes Betting and International to the program.


Media rights are not only becoming more expensive, but they’re also becoming more complex and nuanced. Understanding the value and the specific distribution rights afforded to you must align with what you can deliver.

Topics include:

  • Monetization Models
  • OTT Saturation
  • Social Media
  • Rights Valuation
  • Marketing & Subscriber Acquisition


In an increasingly fragmented, expensive, and competitive marketplace including non-sports OTT options it is essential for sports offerings to justify themselves and provide more than just live sports content, which also includes a personalised and engaging experience for each consumer.

Topics include:

  • Original Content
  • Fan Engagement
  • User-Generated Content
  • Maximizing Highlights
  • Personalization


Sessions will explore not only the tech currently helping deliver content to scale but also the innovation that will provide the new standard for user experiences. We’ll also discover the best ways to implement technology and data to ensure fans continue to be connected and engaged with the sports they crave.

 Topics include:

  • Platform Development & User Experience
  • Latency
  • Piracy
  • Cloud Technology
  • Remote Production
  • Data, AI & Personalization


The legalisation of the sports betting market and the huge growth within fantasy sports has caused a paradigm shift in the US sports landscape. We’ll explore how gambling has been the catalyst for new content, fan engagement tools, marketing, and even broadcast platform innovations.

Topics include:

  • Gamification
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Micro-Betting
  • Engagement Models
  • Data
  • Latency


The US sports market needs to move beyond its borders. We’ll deep dive into how US sports properties are expanding into LATAM and Europe, as well as how American broadcasters are negotiating to bring some of the world’s most popular international sports leagues to American domestic fans. 

Topics include:

  • Diversifying Distribution
  • Market Development
  • Subscription Growth
  • Marketing Acquisition
  • Reach vs Revenue
  • Share of Wallet

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