2023 Key Topics

The 2023 summit focused on the challenges and solutions at the heart of the industry’s evolution, within the themes of Monetisation, Content and Technology


Owned and operated or third-party aggregator? SVOD, AVOD, or FAST? Are NFTs and Web3.0 fads or dormant new revenue sources? 

This theme outlines the best practices and business models that underpin effective broadcast and streaming strategies.

As a mature streaming market in the US, there will also be a focus on the large gains to be made globally by understanding when and how to expand into new markets including LATAM.


Rights holders and broadcasters now need to maximise the value of both their live and beyond-live content to create an engaging and seamless fan experience. 

How can you create great content that has storytelling at its heart? How can you distribute your content to reach fans in their native environments? 

These are all questions sports organisations now face on a daily basis and you can learn from the best-in-class with tangible case studies and actionable takeaways.



Reliability, scalability and economy lie at the heart of the fan experience. However, sports broadcasters must also continue to innovate with immersive viewing experiences, interactivity and gamification & betting integrations. 

Our industry experts will provide insights into the best ways to implement technology and data into the broadcast industry.

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